Medical waste shredder


This medical waste shredder adopts planet gear speed reducer driving; the blade is made of high-strength alloy steel, featured by strong abrasion resistance and high strength etc.; differential operation between axes has the functions of tearing, extrusion and occlusion, etc. It is specially designed and suitable for shredding medical waste materials such as discarded medical cotton, plastic syringe, glass bottle, plastic bottle, packing bag and waste plastic, etc. with the output up to 300-3000kg/h. Professional design can be provided as required by customers. It has the advantages of uniform discharging, controllable size, high output and low noise, etc.

Generally used in the disposal of:

• Small medical equipment
• Clinical waste
• Drug waste
• Infectious waste
• Various plastic waste
• Latex material waste
• Syringe waste


Model Motor power(kw) Blade(mm) Main blade rotation diameter(mm) Main blade quantity(pcs)
FS4030 1.5KW 18.5mm φ180 14
FS6650 7.5KW 18.5mm φ230 26
FS8040 2x11KW 18.5mm φ245 20
FS8060 2x11KW 30
FS8080 2x11KW 42
FS9080 2x18.5KW 25mm φ290 32
FS90100 2x18.5KW 40
FS10080 2x18.5KW 40mm φ320 21
FS100100 2x18.5KW 26
FS100120 2x22KW 31
FS100140 2x22KW 36
FS130100 2x15+2x22KW 50mm φ430 20
FS130120 2x15+2x30KW 24
FS130140 2x15+2x30KW 28
FS130180 2x15+2x30KW 36
FS160140 2x30+2x45KW 50mm φ534 28
FS160160 2x30+2x45KW 32
FS160200 2x30+2x45KW 36


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